Cisco Smartnet – New download policy

For the past seven years, Multiven has been an adamant advocate of consumer’s rights to free software bug fixes for all their purchased Cisco software. Despite, the obvious product liability associated with selling buggy software to customers and then asking them to pay for expensive service contracts in order to access bug fixes, and despite Multiven’s numerous advocacy efforts to hold Cisco accountable, Cisco persists in perpetrating this unethical practice.

Fortunately, buyers of Cisco equipment and software around the world are gaining greater consciousness of the problem and standing for their right. They are demanding that Cisco fixes its bugs at no extra cost like all other software manufacturers (Apple, Microsoft, HP, etc.).

We will be reporting on their thoughts, comments and actions to stop Cisco’s illegal and unethical practice.


Here are comments posted by customers on Cisco’s Support Community no-less:

“Goodbye Cisco,

You have now lost me as a customer as I will start looking to other vendors for my networking needs. Your (…) policy of requiring your customers to have an overpriced active contract (…) to download software updates is absolute bullsh!t.

Trying to get more money out of your existing customers is not going to help your poor performing stock prices and will in fact be detrimental to your bottom line as I along with others will now jump off the Cisco bandwagon.

I’ve already lined up meetings with Enterasys and HP to look over their products and discuss their warranties.”


“if you are a Cisco customer and you have a device with an IOS bug in it does this mean you are screwed if you did not get a smartnet contract or let it lapse? Cisco SmartNet is EXPENSIVE, there’s no denying that. Management of Cisco smartNet contracts is a BURDEN, there’s no denying that either. (…)”


“Forcing people to purchase support contracts just to maintain access to software downloads (…) is pretty harsh. 

 A piece of networking equipment is no different than a computer.  A router or switch is just a specialized computer (…).  You pay for the license to windows 7 when you buy your computer and and you get software updates for the life of that machine.  Why not make any piece of networking equipment the same?  I don’t mean upgrades (ipbase to ipservices).  I mean if i buy a CISCO3925 router with the base level of software (IPbase) why should i not have access to updates to that feature set for the life of the router?  You pay for the license to that feature set when you buy the product.  That purchase doesn’t come with updates to that feature set?

Hopefully Cisco reevaluates this and makes some kind of program where people can get access to software “updates” without having to purchase a SmartNet contract.  Cisco already offers free updates for almost all small 1RU switches, why not include routers or higher level feature sets when a license is purchased?”

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